Why do I see "3D Model for Use with Trapcode" when importing my OBJ file?

Doug Y
Doug Y

OBJ Files cannot be natively read by After Effects and need a plugin (like Trapcode) to read their information. The on-screen message is informing you that you need to use a plugin to display the 3D object and not just import it into the composition on its own.

  • If you have the Trapcode Suite already installed and are seeing this message, you can use Form, Particular, or Mir to work with the OBJ model.
    • If this fails to work or you get an OBJ importer error, try reinstalling your Trapcode Suite.
  • If you don't have the Trapcode Suite installed and are not interested in using it, you'll need to export or obtain your 3D Model in some other format and work with it in a 3D program (like Cinema 4D), since After Effects cannot yet work with 3D Model files within its workspace.

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