Cinebench 2024 - Why are my scores worse than others?

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Since Cinebench 2024, Redshift has been used to test the render performance of your computer.
Here, the performance of the graphics card (GPU) and that of the main processor (CPU) is tested and output as a performance value.

It is important to note that the performance of a processor (CPU or GPU) is influenced by different factors.
It is therefore possible that two systems with the same hardware can achieve different values.

So if you notice that your system is slower than the same hardware of others, the reason could be the following:

  1. Can your computer be cooled sufficiently?
    Both the ambient temperature and the temperatures inside the case can influence the performance values. If the processor gets too hot, you will get different values, than with a good cooling.
  2. Can your power supply provide enough power?
    If it is too weak or has fluctuations in the output power, this can affect the GPU and thus, in addition to poorer values, also the stability of the graphics card!
  3. Is the CPU / GPU overclocked?
    Most current processors can tolerate this well, but then the cooling of the system and the performance of the power supply must also support it! Otherwise, the two points above come into play!
  4. Did you just run the test for one minute or 10 minutes as recommended?
    You may be asking yourself why the test should run for 10 minutes? Quite simply, a processor heats up over time. This in turn affects its speed. Therefore, the performance value is usually higher after only one test run than after several minutes. However, if the test runs for 10 minutes, an average value is calculated that represents a real performance.
  5. Is your graphics card driver up to date?
    Since manufacturers ensure that drivers receive performance improvements and bug fixes as quickly as possible, a driver version quickly becomes outdated.
    This also applies to macOS users. Always install the latest macOS update to ensure that you have the latest drivers installed!

Always remember that the values determined by Cinebench 2024 should only be regarded as a guideline. If the values vary upwards and then downwards again, this is normal.

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