Maxon One Student Licence "Failed to Apply Coupon"

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When attempting to redeem the Coupon Code from Kivuto/OnTheHub you receive the error:

Failed to Apply Coupon Code - The provided Email address is not in our records. Please verify and try again


This commonly occurs because of one of two reasons:

  • Reason 1: Ensure you have waited 90 minutes after receiving your coupon code before attempting to redeem it on our site. You cannot redeem your code immediately.
  • Reason 2: Ensure that the following data matches exactly between your MyMaxon Account and what was used for your OnTheHub account at the time you'd purchased your promo code from OnTheHub:
    • Email Address: If you used a gmail account on Maxon but an .edu email at OnTheHub, you'll need to switch your Maxon account to match what was given OnTheHub.
    • First Name: For example, "Alex" would not be considered a match for "Alexander."
    • Last Name: For example, Hernández" would not be considered a match with "Hernandez"

If you still require assistance, Open a Ticket here and send us a screenshot of both:

    • Your MyMaxon Account Name/Email address
    • Kivuto/OnTheHub - Name/email address. 

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