Colorista: How can I install older versions of Colorista?

Doug Y
Doug Y
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Most older versions of Colorista can be installed through the Maxon App.

  1. If you currently have Magic Bullet Suite installed, uninstall that first through the Maxon App by selecting Uninstall across from the Magic Bullet Suite.

  2. Click Install across from the Magic Bullet Suite and select Other Versions:

  3. Select whichever installer has the version of Colorista you're looking to get setup with:
    • For Colorista V, select Magic Bullet Suite 14.0.3.

    • For Colorista IV, select Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.17.

    • For older versions of Colorista, contact support.

    • Note these will download and run 'suite' installers, but you do not need to install everything in the suite; you can select just the plugins you want to install and proceed from there.

Old versions of Colorista will not install into new environments, including Macs with Silicon GPUs (M1s, M2s), Adobe CC 2022 or later, and FCP X 10.7+. They are only going to install into the last compatible environments they were engineered for:

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