What is SendSafely and why are you using it?

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Here in Maxon Supportland, we do most of our work in Zendesk, which is a ticketing system that many companies use to handle technical support and customer service. It's good at a lot of things, but it doesn't have a framework in place for sharing larger files, which is where SendSafely comes in.

Artists who use Maxon applications are often creating valuable intellectual property, and we want you to have piece of mind in the event you opt to share your work with us. For that reason we have added SendSafely to our arsenal of support tools.

SendSafely allows us to send and receive large files, well, safely. Whatever is sent or received using SendSafely is end-to-end encrypted, meaning outside parties cannot read its data. And any files uploaded through SendSafely are set to automatically expire, so that anything you send us will be removed from our servers within three months of the upload. It is also accessible only to those indicated as recipients, as the primary authentication is through email validation.

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