Maintaining RLM Named User licenses

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Adding a User

RLM Named User licensing is based on OS login, and permits one named user per license. User lists can be managed from the RLM web interface. Instructions on opening the RLM interface can be found HERE.


Each Named User license pool will have it's own user list, which can be managed by selecting the edit button under the Edit Named User List column on the far right.


PLEASE NOTE: If this server is not serving any named user licenses, the Edit Named User List column will not appear. Only named user licenses will have edit buttons in this column.


From the Edit Named User Definitions window, select the Add New User button to add a new user to the list. Users should be specified by their individual OS login username.


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Alternatively, licenses can be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Seats will be automatically assigned to users as they check out licenses until there are no more available licenses.


Removing a User

Users can be removed from the list at any time by clicking the Delete button next to their name.


PLEASE NOTE: Named user licenses are not intended to be shared amongst multiple users. Deleted users can be only be added back after a 48 hour cool down period.


For more detailed information on RLM deployment, please see the RLM License Administration Guide.



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