Why is CV Planesmart in Cinema 4D 2024 not working correctly?

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Some Cineversity plugins, including CV Planesmart, are still being updated for compatibility with newer releases of Cinema 4D.


In the meantime, you can use Cinema 4D 2023.2.2 with CV Planesmart, and it should work as expected.

You can download Cinema 4D 2023.2.2 here:
Download Cinema 4D 2023.2.2

Please note that you can have more than one version of Cinema 4D installed at the same time without conflict. With that in mind, if you wish to use CV Planesmart, one option is to use Cinema 4D 2023 with Planesmart, *save the project, and then open the project in Cinema 4D 2024.

*Before saving, you will need to make the Planesmart object editable.




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