Why are users not getting an invitation email or why is the invitation link not working?

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There are various reasons why users may not be getting an invitation, the most common are:

  • The invitation is in their spam or junk folder
  • The invitation is being blocked by your email server

In this case, I would suggest checking your spam or junk folder, if it is not there, contact your IT person and see if our emails are being blocked. Furthermore, please have your IT person whitelist:

  • my.maxon.net
  • id.maxon.net
  • maxon.net

It is also worth mentioning that the email address of the invitation comes from:

As far as why the invitation link is not working, the most common reasons are:

  • You may need to clear your browser's cache (if you don't want to clear cache, try a different browser)
  • The invitation has expired
  • You may already be signed in with your current MyMaxon account, in which case, you will need to sign out.

In both cases, another great troubleshooting step would be to delete the invitation and resend it.

Deleting the invitation is a simple 3 step process, I've provided a screenshot below to better help guide you through the process of deleting an invitation. Once the invitation is deleted you can resend a new invitation.


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