Why does my Cinema 4D License say 14 days remaining when I have a full licence?

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The "14 days remaining" notation most likely refers to the "Online Sync Due" - feature that ensures Cinema 4D periodically checks in with our servers to validate your license. It doesn't mean your license will expire in 14 days or that you are using a trial license. Instead, it indicates the length of time you can use Cinema 4D without an internet connection.


The timeframe adjacent "Online Sync Due" represents the time left before Cinema 4D needs to check in or "sync" with our servers. This check-in process resets every time you launch Cinema 4D or open the Cinema 4D License Manager, maintaining the 14-day offline limit. The 14-day countdown only commences if your machine goes offline, providing you a two-week buffer to regain internet access and validate your license. This is a safeguard to ensure that, should you lose internet connectivity, you'll still have a 14-day grace period to reconnect. Moreover, if the 14-day countdown does start, you'll receive notifications several days before time runs out.

  • Cinema 4D R25 and onwards (if you are using the Maxon App):

    Inside Cinema 4D > Help > License Manager

  •   Inside Cinema 4D > Help > Licence Manager -
  • Inside Cinema 4D > Help > License Manager -


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