Why isn't my serial number working?

Doug Y
Doug Y
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Note: The latest products are licensed through the Maxon App, which will automatically license your products when logged in with the account that had purchased the product from maxon.net.

The top reasons a serial number doesn't work are as follows:

  • The serial is for an older version of the product you're trying to install
    If a serial for an older version of a product is used on an installer that's trying to install an upgraded version, it will not work (ex. Trapcode Suite 13 serial in a Trapcode Suite 14 installer, PluralEyes 3.5 used in a PluralEyes 4 installer)
  • The four-letter prefix is missing
    All of our serials are a twenty-character string starting with four letters followed by sixteen digits.
    You'll want to make sure the four letter prefix is included when entering it into the installer.

  • You are not an administrator
    Installers will place a serial file that's accessible by all users on a system, which can only be done by an administrator.
    Note: It is not enough to install as a non-administrative user and provide administrative credentials when prompted; a user has to be an administrator upon launching the installer.

  • There are multiple installers open
    Having multiple installers open can cause problems as they may interfere with each other. Close any and all installers you've got open and only have one open at a time.

If none of those reasons fail to resolve your problem, contact support.


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