How to register Red Giant serials through the Maxon App

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If you are a Red Giant customer that purchased products prior to January 1, 2021, you’ll first need to setup a MyMaxon account and then download the Maxon App before proceeding through the steps below.

The Maxon App manages the installation, licensing, upgrading, and updating of your Maxon products. It verifies the license status for your purchased products and displays any trials you may have available. 

It also includes a tool that will allow you to migrate all your serial-based purchases from before Red Giant merged with Maxon.


Install the Maxon App & Import Red Giant Serials

  1. Access MyMaxon and install Maxon App and your plugins
    1. If you haven’t already, create an account at
      • Use the same email you used for your Red Giant account.
      • Go to your Licenses tab and ensure there are no licenses under “assigned.” If there are, please use the X in the top right-hand corner of the assigned licenses to remove them.
    2. Download and install the Maxon App available here.
    3. Sign in to the Maxon App with your Maxon account from step 1.
    4. Install the version of the product(s) you own.
      • Find the product, click Install and then select Other Versions. Select the version you purchased to install and follow the instructions.
      • If you mistakenly installed a newer version than you own, use the Maxon App to uninstall them first. Then reinstall the version numbers you purchased via the Other Versions menu.
  2. Import your Red Giant serials
    1. In the Maxon App, go to the menu in the upper right and click Import Your Serials.
      • For detailed instructions see the Restore Missing Red Giant Licenses section below.

Restore Missing Red Giant Licenses 

Legacy products purchased from or resellers before late 2020 are not yet linked to your Maxon account. This issue may also apply if you purchased a perpetual license that was activated with a serial number.  

The need to restore your licenses may manifest in the following ways:

The Maxon App reports that your products are unlicensed.


Your plugins are rendering watermarks. 


To resolve these issues, you can use the Serial Registration Tool that is included with the Maxon App.

You will need to install the version of the product you own before registering serials.
If the installed product doesn't match the license, you will not be able to activate.

  1. Open the Maxon App
  2. Log in in to your Maxon Account  
  3. Select Import Serial Numbers… from the action menu to open the Serial Registration Tool (see below)


  1. Enter a valid serial number 
  2. Click Register Product 
  3. Repeat steps 3-4 until you’ve registered all serial numbers


When a serial has been successful registered, watermarks will be removed, and the Maxon App will report that you own a perpetual license or a partial license. blobid5.jpg

A partial license message appears when you do not own all products that belong to a given suite. For example, you own Trapcode Form but not Particular, Mir, Tao, etc. 



  • The Maxon App and Serial Registration Tool will not license older, discontinued Red Giant products such as Keying Suite, Effects Suite, Photolooks, or Grinder. 

  • Maxon App can only license plugin versions that already were using the Red Giant App Manager and later. Earlier versions were not updated to use any license manager and will continue to install and license through the original standalone installers. For these products, please manually enter your serial numbers directly inside of the legacy installers. 

  • To apply older serial number licenses, you'll need to ensure that you've installed the correct version for the license owned. Newer versions of the products will not accept older serial numbers. You'll need to uninstall and reinstall the correct version. E.g. Trapcode 16 will not fully license with a Trapcode 15 serial number

  • If you continue to have license issues, try a database reset. Close any editing applications that you have open. Then, open the Maxon App, click the button in the top-right corner and go down to Reset Configuration. If this does not solve your issue, the version of the perpetual product that you purchased my not be compatible with the latest operating system or host app.

  • You can uninstall/remove the Red Giant Application Manager if it's still on your system after registering your products. It does not affect the usability of our products whatsoever.

Products that can be licensed with the Maxon App

  • Magic Bullet Suite 13 and newer
  • PluralEyes 4 and newer

  • Trapcode Suite 15 and newer

  • Universe 3 and newer

  • VFX Suite 1 and newer

  • The discontinued Shooter Suite 13 can be licensed using the Maxon App serial number option, but has no installation option internally. It will use a standalone installer to place the plugins

All earlier versions of these products, as well as any other discontinued plugins will not appear listed within the Maxon App at all. They will install and license using their original standalone installer. Contact support if you need these older installers.

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