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Why is Maxon changing Redshift to a subscription-only product? 
Cutting-edge technology and performance requires agile development and delivery. Redshift’s functionality is fully dependent upon third-party hardware and software solutions. In order to maintain compatibility with the latest hardware, drivers and host application updates our Redshift development team is constantly updating, optimizing and ensuring stability. In order to provide the best customer experience, we believe all customers should be running on the latest version. 

Will Redshift perpetual licensing still be available? 
New sales of Redshift perpetual licenses will no longer be available after August 30, 2021. 

I have a valid Annual Maintenance Agreement that extends beyond August 30th 2021 – what happens to me? 
If your Annual Maintenance Agreement extends beyond August 30th: 

  • You'll continue to have access to all Redshift builds released until your existing maintenance expires. 
  • You'll be able to renew your Annual Maintenance Agreement up to August 31, 2023. 
  • You will have the ability to add new subscription licenses at any time. 

But I just purchased Redshift! 
Don’t worry, your recent purchase included one year of maintenance. You will have access to all the latest builds of Redshift until the one-year anniversary of your purchase. At that time, you will have the option of converting to subscription to gain all subscriber benefits or extend your Annual Maintenance Agreement to a maximum expiration date of August 31, 2024. 

Can I reduce/add/adjust the seats count of a Redshift permanent license under Annual Maintenance Agreement?

You will only be illegible to extend your maintenance without adjusting the seats count of your perpetual license that is under Annual Maintenance Agreement. 

I have Redshift for Cinema 4D as part of a subscription bundle. How is that affected? 
After August 30, 2021, a Cinema 4D-only version of Redshift will no longer be offered; only Redshift for all hosts will be available. Your existing individual Redshift subscription will now work with all hosts and will continue to renew annually or monthly for the same price. 

If I don’t convert to subscription what happens when my Annual Maintenance Agreement expires? 
When your Annual Maintenance Agreement expires your Redshift license would be locked in on the last build published before your maintenance expires. You would no longer have access to the latest builds of Redshift. Note that you can purchase an additional maintenance agreement within three months of your expiration. In other words, if your current term expires in August 1, 2022, you cannot renew prior to May 1, 2022.


Will Maxon be offering both Monthly and Annual Subscriptions? 
Yes, both monthly and annual subscription terms will be available. Pricing for annual subscriptions will be comparable to the current Annual Maintenance cost. Monthly pricing will be comparatively competitive. Please note, due to fluctuating currency exchanges and regional sales tax/VAT rates, pricing may vary per region.

If I don’t subscribe or later let my monthly subscription expire how will I access my legacy scenes? I’m concerned about losing my work. 
We hope you won’t want to cancel, because we intend to provide incredible value in the Redshift subscription. We do realize financial difficulties and changes in job requirements arise, and that there’s a valid concern that you’ll lose the ability to access your work. You can always purchase a subscription for a single month to access and render your projects.

Do I have to use a credit card to purchase a Maxon Subscription? 
The best and easiest way to start your subscription is by using a credit card via the Maxon Shop. You’ll get immediate access to the products you purchase and your subscription will automatically renew unless you choose to cancel, so you’re guaranteed continued access to the latest release. 

All non-credit card purchases will have to be made through a Maxon sales representative or authorized Maxon distributor/reseller. License quantities of 4 or less seats purchased in this way are limited to a one-year subscription. Teams or enterprise customers purchasing 5 or more seats can take advantage of monthly subscriptions. 

What will happen to my Redshift account? 
The email you use to log into Redshift will be transferred to the MyMaxon system. Once the transfer is complete, you will receive information on how to log into your new MyMaxon account for the first time.

What if I have both a Redshift account and a MyMaxon account already? 
To ensure your licenses are all connected when we make the transfer, make sure you update your Redshift account so that it is using the same email as your MyMaxon account before August 27, 2021. 

Why is everything tied to a MyMaxon account? 
A MyMaxon account gives you access to the entire Maxon ecosystem. It connects all your licensing, learning resources, payment and invoice information to a single login associated with your email address. With the MyMaxon account you can easily login and access your entitlements anywhere and transfer those entitlements between computers. 

How will the MyMaxon Account work?  
Redshift subscription licensing will be managed via the Maxon App. When you launch the Maxon App for the first time, you’ll need to sign in with your MyMaxon account (or you can use your Apple, Google or Facebook credentials to sign in). Your product will be activated immediately for use with your license on the current computer. To use your product on a different computer, you may need to deactivate existing computers via the Maxon App or MyMaxon Customer portal.

How will entitlements work for an organization with multiple licenses? 
Multiple entitlements can be assigned to a single user account. With an Organizational Account, these licenses can be distributed among multiple MyMaxon user accounts you add to your Organization. Teams licenses can be assigned to a group of users and float among that group.

How will Command Line Licenses be supported? 
Each Redshift render node requires a separate Redshift license. Additionally you’ll need C4D Commandline licenses to directly use Redshift to render .c4d files. 

For security reasons my organization does not allow internet access from workstations. How can I take advantage of subscription? 
Single-user licenses associated with a MyMaxon account require internet connection for initial activation and must connect every 14 days for continued use. In the extremely rare instance that your installations must be completely offline, check with your Account Manager for potential options. 

Do I need the Maxon App to install and run Redshift?

Maxon App is required to activate your subscription for Redshift 3.0.54 and later. Users of perpetual licenses under maintenance agreements can continue to license these using the Redshift Licensing Tool – Maxon App is not required in this case. Older versions of Redshift do not use Maxon App for licensing and cannot use Redshift subscription licenses.

While Maxon App can be used to the install the latest Redshift build, all Redshift versions are available for download from the Redshift forums.

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