M1 Support for Red Giant Plugins

Kristina K.
Kristina K.

We are working to make Red Giant plugins compatible with Mac M1 machines. For those not yet compatible, you may have success with Rosetta, but there is not complete native support.

Here is a list of plugins compatible with M1:

VFX 2.0

  • Supercomp
  • Optical Glow
  • Chromatic Displacement
  • Primatte
  • Shadow
  • Reflection
  • Kingpin Tracker
  • Lens Distortion Matcher
  • Spot Clone
  • Bang

VFX 3.0

Real Lens Flare

Magic Bullet 15.x

  • Looks
  • Colorista
  • Film
  • Cosmo
  • Renoiser
  • Denoiser (15.1)
  • Mojo

Universe 5.1

  • All plugins

Trapcode 18

  • All plugins


For more details about environmental requirements, please visit our requirements page.

Follow this article to be notified when we release updates to support the use of M1 machines.


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    Kristina K.

    With the release of VFX 2.0 and Magic Bullet 15.0 today, we are excited to announce partial compatibility with M1 machines. Keep your eyes on the article for additional compatibility with upcoming releases.

  • Comment author
    Kristina K.

    Today's new release for Universe, 5.1, introduces M1 support.

  • Comment author
    Kristina K.

    Hi folks,

    We aren't set up to monitor and comment on these knowledge base articles, so if you have questions or see an issue, please submit a support ticket. That all said, among today's release was a new Trapcode, which includes M1 support for all tools.


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