Cinema 4D R25 - before updating - plugin compatibility and things to consider

Maxon Support - Andy
Maxon Support - Andy
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Things to consider before moving to Cinema 4D R25

R25 comes with many additions, improvements, and changes. We encourage you to switch to it as soon as possible, but as with every big step forward and upgrade, you should give it a try when you are not in a hurry and don't switch in the middle of a project.

Below are some hints on what to consider and what has changed.

Also, please read our R25 Release Notes


Licensing via Maxon App

R25 is the first Cinema 4D release that can be licensed via our new Maxon App (2.0 or higher). With this step, all our desktop products can be downloaded and activated via the Maxon App. This method of enabling the software is the new default. If for some reason you need a different method you can still tweak it via the dropdown at the top-right of the License Manager inside Cinema 4D.


New layouts, new look

We have re-worked the look of Cinema 4D, including new icons, layouts and some new UI behavior.

For a quick onboarding we have prepared an overview for you: New Layouts: Cinema 4D R25; Hot Corners, Managers and New Icon Placement

Take a moment to get familiar with it - soon it will feel all-natural. If you follow an old tutorial, you can still switch to the classic layouts.

Also, some namings of tools have changed.


Plugin compatibility

Most plugins will require an update for R25 from the plugin developer. This can affect both, C++ and Python-based plugins. You may give them a quick try with R25 - if they don't work as expected or to be on the safe side, please contact the plugin publisher.


System Requirements

Take a look at the system requirements to make sure your environment is ready to run R25:



If you still get stuck on moving to R25 contact our support people - we will do our best to help you!


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