Magic Bullet 15.0 - September 14, 2021

Kristina K.
Kristina K.
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New features and enhancements

This release is all about compatibility and ensuring best performance: we've introduced native Apple Silicon/M1 chip compatibility as well as support for Adobe’s multi-frame rendering (MFR) in After Effects. Additionally, Cosmo, Mojo, Film, and Renoiser now take advantage of Apple‘s latest Metal technology for optimal GPU performance.

This is a subscription-only release. Users with a perpetual license will not be able to upgrade.


Known issues and limitations

  • Denoiser currently doesn't support Apple Silicon, Metal, and FxPlug, or Multi-Frame Rendering (MFR) in Adobe After Effects. We are planning on making these additions in the future. 
  • HitFilm is no longer a supported host.
  • Looks 6 may crash your host application if you move the Looks Designer to a 2nd monitor.
  • There is a color incongruity between the Looks preview window and the changes made to a clip. The host app will appear to be more washed-out than the Looks preview.

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