Tools renamed in Cinema 4D. In case you can't find them under their new name.

Maxon Support - Andy
Maxon Support - Andy
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New Names for Known Tools:

We have renamed some tools in Cinema 4D to streamline them more with the rest of the application and/or industry standards. Here is an overview of what has changed. 


Category Old name New name
Asset Browser Preset Tiled Camera Render Tiles
  Rotate Camera Orbit Camera
  Polygon Groups to Objects Polygon Islands to Objects
  Customize Menus Menu Manager
  Polygon Reduction Legacy Polygon Reduction
  Legacy Xref Simple Xref
  Primitive Mesh Primitive
  Recent Files

Open Recent

  Freeze / Unfreeze Transformation Freeze / Unfreeze Transform
Pose Library Create New Pose / Library Group New Pose / Library / Group
GoZ Zbrush Polygroup Face Group
  Extrude Inner Inset
  Extrude inner Selected Inset Selected
  Viewport Solo Selection Viewport Solo Automatic
  Set as Default Save as Default Preset
  Customize Commands Command Manager
  Icon Preset Icon Chooser Preset
Project Settings Project Settings Project
Project Settings Minimum Time Min Time
Project Settings Maximum Time Max Time
Project Settings Preview Min Time Preview Min
Project Settings Preview Max Time Preview Max
Project Settings Use Animation / Expression / Generators / Deformers / Motion System  Animation / Expression / Generators / Deformers / Motion System
  Enable Snapping Snap
  Enable Quantizing Quantize
  Enable Mesh Check Check Mesh
Object Use Color Off Material
Object Use Color On Custom
Object Use Color Shaded Wire Mode: Off Material
Brushes Radius Size
  Zbrush Polygroup (Tag) Polygon Groups Tag
Selection Tools Only Select Visible Elements Visible Only
Selection Tools Pressure Dependent Radius Pressure Dependent
Selection Tools Tolerant Edge / Polygon Selection Tolerant Selection
Modeling Axis Per-Object Manipulation Per-Object Transform
Modeling Axis Axis Position
Mograph Grid Array Grid
Mograph Honeycomb Array Honeycomb
Mograph Falloff (tab) Fields
Path Selection Selection Mode Mode
Sculpt Pressure Strength
Sculpt Link Pressure Link Strength
Sculpt Use Material for Interactive Material for Interactive
Sculpt Use Stamp Stamp
Sculpt Use Falloff Falloff
Sculpt Use Alpha Channel Alpha Channel
Sculpt Number of Radial Strokes Number of Strokes
Sculpt Radial Gap Angle Gap Angle
Sculpt Radial Symmetry Mode Mode
Sculpt Use Stencil Stencil


And where did Reset PSR go?

And just in case you missed the renaming of Reset PSR in the previous release: it's now called Reset Transform and since R25 is found as a button in the Coordinate Manager - unfold via the hot corner button at the bottom left. 


Where are the Legacy Simulations Tools?

We've added a new unified Simulation System in Cinema 4D, but we have not removed the legacy simulation tools. The legacy simulation tools can be found under the Bullet Tags Menu

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