Inviting Users

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To invite Users into your Team, go to the top of the Users column on the righthand side, and press the "+" button (see image below)



Hint: As a shortcut, you can select a Group before you press the ‘Add User’ button. Then when the User accepts the invite to your Team they will be automatically added to the Group selected.

You will be prompted to enter the User’s details:


If you wish to invite multiple Users at once you may enter a semicolon separated list into the Email box. Each User will receive their own invitation email.

The User name and email text are optional, they will be used only in the text of the email sent. They are just so you can add some contextual information if you want. Don’t worry if the User does not yet have a MyMaxon account, they can create one during the acceptance process.

After pressing OK, the user will be sent an email like the following:


The User then needs to press ‘View your invitations’ or just copy the link into a browser. If the User does not have an account they will be prompted to create one. They will then see further details of their invitation, which they must accept.



The Teams Admin can view the invitations by clicking the dropdown from the "All Users" column, click "Show", then click "Invitations".



That’s it! They are now a member of your Team and you can assign Licenses to them.

If a User is unsure if they have successfully joined a Team, they can look at the bottom of their Licenses tab under their Account and they will see the labels of any Teams they are currently apart of.


Please Note: A User can be part of any number of Teams, membership is not exclusive.

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