Controlling Group License Behavior

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Group license behavior can only be controlled by an Admin of the Team. The Admin can control the number of licenses any one User may take and the refresh time of the licenses within the Group.


Licenses Per User: If there are 10 licenses available to a Group, all of these licenses could be taken by any one user, this may or may not be desirable. An Admin may limit the number of licenses any single user can take. This limit is applied to each license type in the Group and not to all licenses in the Group.

License Refresh: The default refresh time for a license is 14 days. This is the maximum time a User can go offline before the license’s validity needs to be reconfirmed. Sometimes an Admin may wish to make the refresh time shorter. This accommodates facilities where users may leave a device inactive and forget to release the license for others to use. Reducing the refresh timeout does not mean the license will be withdrawn from the user, it means the license will have to reconnect to be revalidated to allow its continued use.

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