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Maxon's guiding principle is to make superior creative tools for artists. The guiding principle behind Maxon Support is to help our users be successful with those tools. This means we will help to the best of our abilities, providing support for the most current version and the previous year of releases (n-1 year).

Is your purchase eligible for full or limited support? Locate it in the Eligibility column and see what what you're entitled to in the Features column.

Full Support - Subscription licenses

Your license purchase includes access to unlimited support, Cineversity and product updates.

Eligibility Features
Subscription licenses (monthly, annual or student) Unlimited technical support and customer service tickets
Individual or Teams licenses New version and updated feature releases 
Compatible environment and requirements  Minor and major bug fixes for current versions 
  Fixes for security vulnerabilities and critical ecosystem changes for n-1 year 
  Access to legacy product installers 

Full Support - Perpetual licenses

Your first year of perpetual license ownership includes full access to support.

Eligibility Features
Year one of perpetual license ownership* Unlimited technical support and customer service tickets
Compatible environment and requirements Fixes for security vulnerabilities and critical ecosystem changes for n-1 year 
Verified ownership Access to legacy product installers 
*unless extended by a software maintenance contract (Redshift only)  

Limited Support

If you aren't using a new or full license, we still have your back.

Eligibility Features
Years 2-3 of perpetual license ownership Three technical support* and customer service tickets every 12 months
ZBrushCoreMini and partner products (e.g. Cinema 4D Lite and Cineware Access to legacy product installers
Original owner of license or transferred by Maxon *limited to download and installation support only 


In addition to customer service and technical support, we have many other self-service, community and video resources available for users. 



Customer Service: Assistance with user accounts, purchases, or licensing in-product. 

Technical Support: Assistance to ensure supported software works as documented, via channels such as tickets and chat. The Support team will file defects if the software is not behaving as expected. 

Community Support: Creative support via Maxon-sponsored channels such as, Redshift forums, social media, and other channels moderated by Maxon employees.  


Subscription license: A license that allows access to designated software for the duration indicated when purchased: one month, one year, or in the case of student licenses, six months. 

Perpetual license: A license that allows access to designated software in perpetuity, however, the end user environment must remain compatible with that specific purchased version.  

Teams license: A subscription license purchased as part of a Teams package, which provides additional administrative tools and support. 


Compatible environment: To ensure best expected performance, your environment must be compatible with our published requirements. The term "environment" encompasses OS version and host application.

Requirements: These are the hardware requirements, including CPU and/or GPU, OS, RAM and VRAM, for each released version. We do not test previously released versions of our software with newer components, so any issues as a result of using newer hardware with older software, or newer software with older hardware, are not in the scope of support.

Defect: When a defect is found, the Support specialist will report this to the Engineering team to prioritize and work. We will attempt to provide a suitable workaround, however, we cannot provide details regarding when defects will be fixed. More details can be found here. 

Host applications: Applications which interface with Maxon plugins (such as those in Red Giant Complete or Universe) or rendering engines (Redshift). Example hosts include Adobe Premiere Pro and Maya. 

Legacy product: Applications and plugins that are no longer available for purchase. Downloads for C4D, Red Giant, and Redshift will be made available for three previous years of legacy product. For ZBrush legacy products, downloads will be made available for the four previous fix-complete versions, e.g. 2021.7.1, 2021.6.6, 2021.5.1 and 2021.1.2. 


Supported software: Any Maxon product eligible for full or limited support. We will not be able to provide support for non-Maxon host applications, third party plugins or network controls.



What if my product is not listed in the Eligibility column? 

If your product does not meet eligibility (e.g. your license was purchased five years ago), we will assist you with limited customer service inquiries, but technical support is not included. 


What if I purchased a maintenance agreement for my perpetual license? 

If your maintenance agreement is active, you are eligible for full support, regardless of when your license was originally purchased. 


ZBrush was recently added to the Maxon family. How does that affect support? 

For Legacy ZBrush, we provide access to the four previous “final” releases – in other words, the ones that did not receive any further patches before development of the next feature set began. For licenses purchased through Maxon, the oldest version available is 2022.0.5 because earlier versions did not support the new licensing. 


Do you provide phone support? 

We provide telephone support for ZBrush and ZBrushCore products only. If you open a ticket for other products, we may be able to screenshare with you to resolve an issue. Live chat is coming soon. 


What are your SLAs? 

SLAs are service-level agreements. We aim to respond to technical support and customer service tickets within 24 hours on weekdays. Teams license holders can expect a same-business day response. Turnaround time for Community Support may vary as responses are not guaranteed. 


Where do I access and manage my license? allows you to view and manage your licenses. The ZBrush My Licenses page provides this service for licenses not found on MyMaxon. 


What if I would like to recommend a new feature or improvement to Maxon applications? 

You can do this by filing a Feature Request ticket (requires login). 


What is the difference between security vulnerabilities and critical ecosystem changes and major bugs? 

Major bugs are flaws in the software that impact the experience of using Maxon software and may require workarounds. Security vulnerabilities and critical ecosystem changes impact more than the user experience, so we place the highest priority on these to ensure safe and reliable usage. 

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