RLM Reporting

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To simplify the process to set up and manage RLM licenses Maxon has unified all their licenses under one Independent Software Vendor (ISV). This process will affect reporting on the Reprise License Server Administrator. Depending on the licenses you acquired, the “Product” you check out will match the product bundle or individual product you purchased. For example, if you purchased a Maxon One subscription, you will be able to see “maxon-one” as the “Product” that was checked out. The requested product (“req prod”) will match the specific product for which a license was requested. As in the example above, if you purchased a Maxon One subscription and a license for Cinema 4D was requested, the “req prod” field would be Cinema 4D (see figure below). Please note that Red Giant products are all bundled under “redgiant”, thus in the case of owning a Red Giant subscription both the “Product” as well as the “req prod” fields in the Reprise License Server Administrator would show “redgiant”.   Screen_Shot_2022-04-11_at_4.50.03_PM.png

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