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Maxon supports the use of RLM licenses which allow licenses to be shared between all machines on your network. 

To use RLM licenses, you will need to install the RLM license server software on one computer on your network which you have designated as your license server. The license server manages your Maxon licenses through a RLM license file. 

Please note: For Redshift specifically, each license is per-machine, not per-GPU. One license allows you to render with any number of GPUs on a single machine, including rendering multiple jobs each assigned to a unique subset of GPUs on the machine. 

Maxon uses version 14.2 of the RLM license server and supports Windows (32-bit & 64-bit), Linux (64-bit only) and macOS (64-bit Intel only). You will need to update to RLM version 14.2 for the unified ISV server licenses to work properly. 

The RLM license server software is available here (Windows 64-bit), here (Windows 32-bit), here (Linux 64-bit), or here (macOS 64-bit). 

The bundles include both the generic RLM license server and the specific Maxon license daemon. 

The Maxon license daemon files (redshift.set and redshift.opt) are also available separately here (not platform specific). Note that the Maxon license daemon requires RLM server v14.2 or higher. 

Please note: The .opt and .set files must be named in the schema of ISV.opt and ISV.set. As we consolidated our licenses under the “redshift” ISV for technical reasons, the Maxon license daemon is be named “redshift.set”.  

Additional information and troubleshooting help for RLM can be found on the RLM support site, including: 

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