Unified ISV: Render Only Licenses for RLM

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Both Cinema 4D and Red Giant offer render-only licenses that can be used with command-line tools such as Deadline and Qube to distribute render jobs in a network. Cinema 4D render-only licenses are bundled with Redshift CPU, so network rendering using the CPU is possible at no additional cost. Redshift GPU requires a separate subscription per render client.

In the case of both Cinema 4D and Red Giant, commandline (render-only) instances will first attempt to checkout a render-only license. If a render-only license is unavailable, an available GUI license will be checked out as a fallback. To prevent GUI licenses from being used by render-only clients for C4D, you can use RLM grouping or an environment variable : MAXON_RENDERONLY = true. 

In the case of Red Giant you can prevent GUI licenses from being used for render-only clients setting the environment variable  MAXON_DISABLE_RENDERONLY_FALLBACK = true.

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