How do I enable RLM mode in Maxon App?

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The RLM mode in the Maxon App is enabled automatically if Maxon App identifies an RLM client file in the following locations: 

  • Win: C:\ProgramData\Maxon\RLM

  • Mac: /Users/Shared/Maxon/RLM

  • Linux: /etc/opt/maxon/rlm

Users can exit the RLM Mode by clicking the Burger Menu on the upper right corner and selecting "Exit RLM Mode". They will then be taken back to a log-in screen where they can chose to log-in with a my.maxon account or can click on the "RLM" button on the upper right corner to reenter the RLM Mode. Please note that while in RLM Mode a user has no access to their my.maxon licenses and vice versa if they are logged into they my.maxon account they have no access to RLM licenses.

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