Maxon License Server Deprecation

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As Maxon continues to grow, we're working to integrate our tools, processes and licensing. We want to inform you about some upcoming changes to our licensing technology in late April.

Our work on integration between tools is making it necessary to deprecate Maxon License Server (MLS), which you may be using to supply floating Cinema 4D entitlements. MLS is unable to support Maxon's other creative tools or Maxon One, and support for floating licenses within Maxon App offers greater flexibility for most studio environments.
If you currently use Maxon License Server:
Cinema 4D R21 - R25 can continue to be licensed via Cinema 4D (only) Teams Floating subscriptions and Cinema 4D Perpetual Floating licenses. Once you assign licenses to Maxon License Server they will not work with any other licensing method such as the Maxon App.
As part of this transition, Cinema 4D licenses released in the next 6 months can still be licensed via Maxon License Server, though some upcoming functionality will be disabled.
Please explore the floating license capabilities within the MyMaxon Teams Dashboard and Maxon App. Floating licenses in Maxon App offer a great future-proof alternative to Maxon License Server.
If MyMaxon floating licenses do not meet your needs, please let us know what's missing. 

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