How to set up the Maxon App for Automatic Logins

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The attached Maxon App Automatic Logins.pdf (at the bottom of the page) is a guide that will assist with setting up automated logins using the MX1** command line tool and the Maxon App. Please note that the other required files are also attached at the bottom of this page. 


IMPORTANT - With this setup, your username and password will be exposed. So, if you are entering a commonly used password, and/or others will have access to the machine you are setting up, it is recommended to change your password.


You can change your password on the login screen by choosing "Forgot Your Password" (highlighted in the screenshot below) or while logged in by going to the Profile tab in your MyMaxon portal and clicking the edit icon on the lower right of the password section. (highlighted in the screenshot below)




For additional security - While not fool proof, you can hide the files containing your password; here is how:

On Windows: You will right-click on the Windows - MaxonAppLogin.bat file, choose properties, and finally check the "Hidden" checkbox.


On Mac: You will open Terminal, type chflags hidden, hit space, drag and drop the MaxonAppLogin.command file onto the terminal window, and enter.



**The MX1 tool is shipped with the Maxon App installer on Mac and Windows. It's also included on Linux with the Maxon App 2.0 and greater release. The MX1 tool offers the ability to log in/out of an account and activate/deactivate a license using the command line.

The MX1 Tool install location:
Mac: Library/Application Support/Maxon/Tools
Windows: C:\Program Files\Maxon\Tools
Linux: opt/maxon/maxon_app/bin


For more information on the MX1 Tool functionality, please download and open How to use the MX1 tool.pdf

Note that this script is provided as a resource, not an official product, so all support will be best effort.

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