Red Giant Render Only Floating

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Similar to using RLM render licenses, you may be entitled to floating Red Giant render only licenses.  This can be confirmed from your account in the Licenses tab.



When you set up your project for render only, this is the license that will checked out as long as you have activated the license using the mx1 tool that is installed as part of the Maxon App.  Let's first cover the basics of setting up a project ready for rendering.  In this example, we will be using Media Encoder as this will allow us to render both After Effects and Premiere Pro projects.


  1. Set up your project in Premiere Pro using Red Giant plugins assigned with your Floating Maxon One or Red Giant Complete license. 
  2. Once you are satisfied with your project and it is ready to export, save your project. 
  3. Next, export the project to Media Encoder and set it up to export with the settings that you prefer.  
You can now close Premiere Pro as all rendering will be done through Media Encoder using your Red Giant render only floating license.  Open a Terminal or Command Prompt window and point towards the Tools folder in which the mx1 tool resides:
Mac: cd /Library/Application\ Support/Maxon/Tools
Win: cd C:\Program Files\Maxon\Tools


From here you can confirm that the account that you logged into has the license in question,
Mac: ./mx1 license list
Win: mx1 license list


Next you want to assign the render only license by using the command:
Mac: ./mx1 license activate
Win: mx1 license activate


The Terminal or Command Prompt will confirm that you have activated your render only license. 


You can now start your render in Media Encoder, which will utilize the newly activated license and not your editing license, i.e. Maxon One or Red Giant Complete. You can now confirm that this is the case in your License tab.

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