Redshift 3.0.55 (2021.09) - September 14, 2021

Doug Y
Doug Y
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IMPORTANT NOTE! Version 3.0.46 introduced new color management features that in certain cases may change the look of existing scenes. 
IMPORTANT NOTE! Version 3.0.46 introduced filtering changes which might slightly change the look of renders for some 3d apps. 

[Maya] Dropped support for Maya 2014, 2015, and 2016
[Maya] General improvements to the rsMetadata command
[Maya] In the Add Metadata window you can now insert RS tokens by right clicking in the Value text field
[Maya] Inserting a token into a metadata string field sets the attribute immediately (no need to press Enter)
[Maya] Fixed proxy material mode where switching from "From Proxy" to "From Scene...prefix" produced the incorrect result
[Maya] Fixed Render Settings GUI issues related to Irradiance Cache settings
[Max] Fixed unusual behavior and corrupt UI in Render Setup, introduced in 3.0.55
[Max] Added ray contribution parameters for lights: reflectionScale, transmissionScale
[Max] Deprecated ray contribution parameters for lights: affectsDiffuse, affectsSpecular, glossyScale
[Max] Redshift version number now displayed in Render Setup
[Houdini] Additional update to the RenderView "Render" button feature to improve the rendering performance
[Houdini] Fixed a problem in several RS light HDAs introduced in the previous version
[C4D] Added support for C4D R25
[C4D] Dropped support for C4D R18, R19 and R20
[C4D] Reorganized and streamlined the RSLight parameter UI
[C4D] Removed the Tint Texture option for RSLights. The light color now always tints the texture if one is available. Older scenes will be upgraded but the original look will be maintained
[C4D] Added support for HDR displays in the Viewport IPR
[All] Added new rendering engine Redshift RT [BETA]
[All] Fixed bug that could produce visual artifacts near the ends of thick hair segments when MPW (min pixel width) was enabled
[All] Fixed bug that could cause linear dome light textures to render black, bug introduced with OCIO support
[All] Fixed bug that could cause weird line-like artifacts when using a disc light with barn-door 'spread'

This build includes plugins for Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Katana and Blender

Redshift 3.0 versions on Windows and Linux require recent or the latest NVidia drivers! These versions contain OptiX7 support which is part of the NVidia driver

Redshift 3.0.45+ / Metal requires macOS Big Sur 11.3 or higher. If you get unexpected "License Mismatch" errors, you need to update your macOS

Download Windows installer
Download Windows zero-install zip package
Download Linux installer
Download MacOS installer (Metal)
Download MacOS installer (CUDA)

Click here for online documentation (including setup instructions)
Click here for Trello page (to see what devs are currently working on)

Please see this post for information regarding trace depth compatibility with 2.6 scenes.
Please see this post for information regarding changes to shading technology, if you are upgrading from versions prior to 3.0.18.
Please see this post for information regarding changes to our DeepEXR/Cryptomatte technology in 3.0.31.

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