ZBrush 2024 Upgrade Paths for Perpetual License Users

Matthew Yetter
Matthew Yetter
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This article applies to ZBrush users with perpetual licenses.

For subscription users, see here instead.

With the introduction of Redshift in ZBrush, there are now a number of factors to take into consideration when upgrading.  This article explains your options and provides answers to the most requently asked questions.

Please read carefully so that you can get the version that best suits your needs.

Upgrade Options for ZBrush Perpetual License Users

There are two paths by which you can upgrade to ZBrush 2024:

  1. Purchase a ZBrush subscription. For a time after the release of ZBrush 2024, annual subscriptions will be available at a discounted price of approximately 25% off for the first year (renewing at regular price thereafter). This will give you ZBrush 2024, with the Redshift Bridge and  Redshift CPU.  To use Redshift GPU, you would additionally need to purchase a Redshift subscription.
  2. Purchase a Maxon One subscription for about the same price as a perpetual upgrade. Approximately 45% off for the first year (renewing at the regular price thereafter). This will provide the entire Maxon One lineup and so will include the Redshift Bridge, providing Redshift GPU and CPU in ZBrush.

How do I get the discounted pricing?

To receive the discounted pricing on a ZBrush annual subscription or Maxon One annual subscription as explained in points 1 or 2 above, please contact Maxon directly or an authorized reseller.


IMPORTANT: If upgrading from a legacy (Pixologic) license, you must install the Maxon App and use that to install ZBrush 2024. You cannot update your legacy ZBrush 2022 installation or run ZBrush 2024 without the Maxon App.


Where to get a perpetual license?

ZBrush 2024 is currently only available as a subscription. 


Can I stay with my perpetual ZBrush 2022 or 2023 license?

Yes. You do not have to upgrade to ZBrush 2024. Your existing perpetual license grants you perpetual use of the purchased ZBrush version..


Can I use Redshift in ZBrush without upgrading to ZBrush 2023 or higher?

No. Redshift in ZBrush is a ZBrush 2023 feature and therefore will only work with ZBrush 2023 and not an earlier ZBrush version.


Can I purchase a ZBrush 2023 perpetual license initially, and add Redshift later?

Yes. All that will be necessary to add Redshift to a ZBrush 2023 perpetual license is to purchase the Redshift subscription, which will include Redshift GPU and CPU.


If I get the Maxon One or annual ZBrush subscription, will it renew at that price as well?

No, the discounted price only applies to the first year of the subscription. 


ZBrushCore Perpetual Licenses

Users with legacy ZBrushCore perpetual licenses have two options:

  • Purchase a Maxon One subscription at regular price. This will include Redshift GPU.
  • Purchase a ZBrush subscription at regular price. This will include Redshift CPU unless you also purchase a Redshift subscription.


ZBrushCore Mini Users

Users of ZBrushCore Mini have the same options as ZBrushCore subscribers.  See above. 

Of course, you can also opt for a ZBrushCore subscription at $9.95/month.  This will be ZBrushCore 2021 (and therefore not include any ZBrush 2022+ features such as Redshift rendering) until such time as a ZBrushCore upgrade is released.

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