ZBrush 2023.0.1 - February 1, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated


  • ZBrush crashes when sending to Keyshot
  • Space Mouse now works again on Apple Silicon devices running in native mode
  • Redshift related error message when generating Vector Displacement Map when Redshift is not installed
  • Problem with Tiff import
  • Text3D & Vector Shapes plugin now works as expected on macOS
  • Some missing functions restored to ZModeler
  • Error when using the Subtool Master Multi-Append or Multi-Insert functions on macOS
  • BasicMaterial2 restored to Default Materials
  • Some image formats would not import on macOS if the image was over a certain size.


  • Adjusted “Dynamic Sym” to add a macro in the Macros menu which can be hotkeyed and used to toggle Dynamic Symmetry mode on or off.
  • Rendering options have been made available to users through the Render >> Redshift menu. Please see this article  for more information on Global Illumination rendering in Redshift.
  • The classic behavior for Local Symmetry mode for Local Symmetry to simultaneously scale separate meshes uniformly from center has been restored and can be activated by disabling the “Dynamic” toggle on the Local Symmetry (L.Sym) UI button. Please note that just as before this specific action is only possible if the mesh has not been rotated off-axis. When “Dynamic” is active it will use the newer behavior allowing the Gizmo manipulator to determine the center.
  • To avoid conflicts with UI functionality on macOS, CMD-W now initiates a program shutdown. Previously this key could be used to assign a polygroup, but the shutdown would occur at the same time. The polygrouping functionality has now been removed from the shortcut entirely. Control-W can still be used to assign a polygroup the same way it does on Windows.
  • Redshift error logging is now enabled with ZBrush in order to better facilitate solution of issues.

Note for KeyShot 11 users on MacOS: A hotfix has been released for KeyShot that fixes how it handles live linking on M1 and M2 machines. Please update your KeyShot version in addition to the ZBrush update.

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