Maxon Services Unavailable

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If you see the following message "Maxon Services Unavailable" in your Maxon App window, we have some suggestions for you.



First, please try to restart your machine; sometimes, a simple restart can resolve issues like this with the Maxon App.


If that does not work, please try cleaning your system of Maxon App via our included uninstall scripts located at

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Maxon/Tools or 
Windows: C:\Program Files\Maxon\Tools


In that folder, you will find two scripts, both requiring you to be logged in as an administrator to run them:
uninstall-appmanager – removes application level files for Maxon App
uninstall-maxon-service – removes service level files for Maxon App


Please right-click on the scripts, choose Run as Administrator, and once complete, reinstall the Maxon App to see if the issue has disappeared.



Open a Terminal Window, drag the scripts to the terminal window and press enter; you will need to enter your computer password.


You can download the Maxon App --->here<--- at the top of the page.


If you still have this issue after completing all the above steps, please reach out to Maxon App Technical Support via a troubleshooting ticket and we'll go from there!


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