Reverting to ZBrush 2023.01 from ZBrush 2023.1

Scott Clark
Scott Clark
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Reverting to ZBrush 2023.0.1

We are aware of an issue affecting perpetual license holders of ZBrush 2023 which may prevent them from being able to assign or activate a license for ZBrush 2023.1.  If this affects you, the best solution is currently to revert to ZBrush 2023.0.1, which should allow a license to be activated. 

We recommend the following procedure to revert to ZBrush 2023.01. Though the Maxon App must be installed, people experiencing this issue will find the following steps to be the easiest method for rolling back at the present time.

  1. Please rename your ZBrushData2023 folder to "Backup_ZBrushData2023" or any name that is different from the original.  This will save your custom configuration files in the event that you cannot save them out from the program.
    • On Windows, this file can be found at C:\Users\Public\Public Documents
    • On MacOS it is in \Users\Shared\.  The easiest way to get to \Users is to be in the Finder and click Go at the top of the screen, then Computer in the pull-down menu.  Now in the window that opens, double-click on Macintosh HD.  You'll then see Users as one of the folders.
  2. Please download the installer for ZBrush 2023.0.1 from the Downloads section of your My Maxon account page.
    • Please be sure to download ZBrush 2023.0.1 and not ZBrush 2023.1. The versions are very similar in number.
    • Please do not attempt to install from the Maxon App at the current time.
  3. Run the ZBrush 2023.0.1 installer and follow the on-screen prompts. When finished, launch ZBrush 2023.01.
Please note: Native ZBrush format files saved from ZBrush 2023.1 cannot
be opened in ZBrush 2023.0.1.

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