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.Maxon One - what is it and how to make good use of it?

Maxon One let's you experience all products of the Maxon family combined in one bundle. This comes with a few implications you should be aware of so you can decide for the best fitting product combination and know how best to use it.

  • Maxon One is licensed as a complete bundle per user/machine. You cannot break up Maxon One entitlements and issue the Red Giant portion to one user and the Cinema 4D portion to another. Similarly, a single user cannot license Red Giant on one machine and Cinema 4D on another. Licenses can be released entirely from one machine and activated on another via the Maxon Red Giant Application Manager, the Maxon License Manager, or
  • That said, Maxon One is ideal if you use all products on one machine and maybe occasionally move all at once to another machine.
  • Mixing several licenses and bundles on one MyMaxon account is possible (e.g. 2x Maxon One, 1x C4D, 1x C4D+Redshift), but we don't recommend it as your licensing experience might be sub-optimal. You can move existing subscriptions via upgrades to Maxon One so you don't have to mix the bundle with single licenses. If that is not a good fit for you, you might want to order Maxon One on a secondary account. If you already have a mix on one MyMaxon account we suggest using the Red Giant application manager or the website to manage your license.
  • Maxon One licenses are fully compatible with Organizational Accounts, but the prior condition still applies (bundles cannot be broken). Maxon One Volume and Classroom licenses can be assigned to groups and may float among several users.
  • Maxon One licenses cannot be used with Maxon License Server.
  • Redshift licenses provided via Maxon One are intended for use with Cinema 4D and cannot be used with other DCCs or for standalone rendering.
    • this is the same implication as for the Cinema 4D + Redshift bundle - in both cases my.Maxon licensing is used for Redshift which only works inside Cinema 4D.
  • Redshift for Cinema 4D will currently only work on Windows and only with NVidia GPUs. A Mac metal version is currently in beta and will be available soon.
  • Maxon One licenses can be used with Cinema 4D R21+, but in Cinema 4D R21 (only) the Maxon One license will not appear within the License Manager. It will however be used and activated if available. In Cinema 4D S22 (with the latest hotfix) and Cinema 4D R23, Maxon One will appear within the Cinema 4D License Manager.
Considering these implications, Maxon One is a great and efficient choice in many cases. If you use all products often as a freelancer, or all members in your teams use them frequently on dedicated machines, it is smart to have exactly one Maxon One per account / user.

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