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New Support Center - Case opening via e-mail turned off

In mid December 2018, we introduced a new Global Support Center at Maxon. It replaces the old support form on our website but also ability to open cases via e-mail. For some, the discontinuation of opening support cases via e-mail might seem to bring in more distance but it's actually a step to help our users faster. Why?

The move from e-mails to fitting web forms
Opening technical support cases via e-mail leads very often to queries before the actual work on the case can start. With each query there comes a two-sided delay or waiting time. It's faster to reach out for technical support via e-mail but it's in most cases slower to really resolve the case and help the user. Via help topics we try to only ask you, as our users, what we usually need to know in the specific case. Ask as much as needed, but as less as possible. We will continue improving our help form over time.
Having all required information kept and collected in one place, makes it also easier for another support specialist to take over, if the one who started on it is out of office. Also, that will enable us to help you faster and better over time.
While all support specialists are still on board, they can now also collaborate more across our offices over the world, help out each other and learn from each other. Also such things will further improve our service over time.
To inform users who are still used to the old support e-mail addresses they get an auto-reply informing them about the change, asking them to open a case on our portal instead with a link pointing directly there.

Knowledgebase for even faster resolution
Also our Knowledgebase / FAQ on the Support Center can help you to find solutions for common cases even faster. We will try to build up articles for cases that come up more often, so you get help without any waiting time in these cases.

We hope you understand our motivation for that change and look forward to good collaboration and providing you excellent technical support in future.

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