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Why was my R21 downdated to 21.022 (After Effects 2020 installation)?

When you install After Effects 2020 it will also install a new version of Cinema 4D Lite, based on R21. To make the move to the full Cinema 4D easier, Lite is installed in the normal Maxon Cinema 4D folder. Also it enables users interested in 3D to explore the whole Cinema 4D by using the trial.

Unfortunately the slightly older Lite (21.022) that comes with the initial After Effects 2020 release "downdates" newer versions of Cinema 4D. You are only affected if you:
  • are an existing Cinema 4D user
  • have used the default installation path / auto installer
  • are on the latest version (currently 21.115)
If you have plugins installed they remain untouched. We recommend though, that you update to the most recent version again, by installing the most recent version after the After Effects installation. In some cases also the online updater will offer you the newer version (this depends on your previous update history).
Currently we also recommend to use the full installer and choose another installation path for Cinema 4D than the default one for customers of both software Cinema 4D and After Effects.
If you downloaded the content library and need to re-install the newer Cinema 4D version, you can copy the library files over to the new version. They are found in the library\browser sub folder. Anything except the "default presets" library can be copied.

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