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Why do I get Deadline Render Manager errors with R21 and my Maxon Account?

If you are getting licensing errors with command line using your *Maxon Account in Deadline, give the following steps a try:

1.Go to the Maxon Cinema 4D R21 > resource folder
2.Open the config.txt with notepad running as administrator (if you try to open it with notepad not as admin it will not over write the current config.txt file and ask you to make a copy)
3.Scroll to the bottom of the txt file and type this code in:
g_licenseUsername="YourMyMaxonEmailAddress" (must be in quotes)
g_licensePassword=YourMyMaxonPassword (password does not have quotes)
4.Save the the config.txt

What this will do is bypass the license manager and the need to enter which account your are using in the command prompt and automatically log you in.

*NOTE this is only if you are using your Maxon Account to license your command line licenses. If you are using the Maxon License Server or RLM this will not work.

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