Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I asked to activate a trial when trying to use Cinema 4D Lite?

This is most likely due to launching Cinema 4D, rather than Cinema 4D Lite.

To start, go to the Applications (mac)/Program Files (windows) > Maxon Cinema 4D R21 folder and see if there is a "Cinema 4D Lite" app. If there is, try to launch Cinema 4D Lite. You should be able to activate a Lite license at this point.

The reason for Cinema 4D launching instead of Cinema 4D Lite is, more often than not, due to choosing "yes" instead of "no" when prompted with the following message in After Effects.


To switch it back, so After Effects is using Cinema 4D Lite instead of Cinema 4D, go to "Options..." in Cineware and under the "Editing" portion of the "Choose Cinema 4D Installation" window hit "Browse" to choose Cinema 4D Lite R21. I've included an image to assist better in finding this setting.

Default paths of Cinema 4D Lite:
Windows: Program Files > Maxon Cinema 4D R21 > Cinema 4D Lite
macOS: Applications > Maxon Cinema 4D R21 > Cinema 4D Lite


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