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Why does Cinema 4D hang/freeze after trying to sign in? (the three spinning dots spin forever)

The issue may be due to trusted root certificates that Cinema 4D is reading; some certificates can potentially block Cinema 4D and need more in-depth investigation.

You will need to send us two files; the "BugReport.txt" and the "licenselog.txt" files. These files will better help us understand and resolve the issue you are experiencing.

To Get Started:
Sign into Cinema 4D, and while it hangs, please press SHIFT+SHIFT+DELETE. This will create a crash report. Next, you will open up a support ticket here and send us the crash report. The report is titled "BugReport.txt". This text file can be found here:
Users > *USERNAME* > AppData > Roaming > Maxon > Maxon Cinema 4D R21_******** > _bugreports.

Note that you can also simply click in the Explorer window where the file path is displayed and type in the file path instead. Once you do that you can just type in "%AppData%\MAXON\_bugreports" to get to this folder.

*If you are having issues finding the AppData folder, please make sure to unhide "hidden items" (image included on how to do this on Windows).

On Mac, simply open a Finder window, then from the top menu choose "Go To Folder" from the "Go" menu and type in "~/Library/Preferences/MAXON/_bugreports" and you'll be taken to the bugreports folder where you should see the BugReport.txt file to add to your ticket.

Next, you will download our License Debug Tool and send us the license log file that is created from this tool: Download License Debug Tool

How the license log file is created:
After downloading the license debug tool, you will unzip into a folder; then, you will launch a file named "kernel_app_64bit". Next, sign into the debug tool like you have been in Cinema 4D's license manager. Once you've gone as far as you can go, most likely where it hangs, you can then go back into the folder where you unzipped the tool. In this folder, you will now see a file named "licenselog.txt. " Please also add this file to the support ticket you're creating and then submit the ticket for Support to review.

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