Frequently Asked Questions

. Manage Subscriptions - how can I cancel or renew my susbscriptions?

If you bought them directly on our Maxon Shop, the best way to start is on when you are logged in.
  • Click on your name and select Order History:

At the next step you will see a table with Orders. There might also be "Unsubmitted" ones, don't care about them (like Order #98765 below), they were just object you put in your shopping cart but never checked out / purchased.
  • Focus on the Order Complete lines, such as #12345 in our example
  • click on the Order Number (orange) for the item you want to manage

Order Number Order Date Creation Date Status
. Order Amount
12345 03/09/2019 03/09/2019 Order Complete
View Invoice
123.00 $
98765 .
30/01/2020 Order Unsubmitted . 1234.00 $

  • On the next page - Order Details, click on "Manage Subscription"
Maxon C4D Subscription 1 1 month Automatic Manage Subscription
Please note: the RENEWAL TYPE depends on the product type, not on your subscription state. The subscription state you only see when clicking on Manage Subscription.
On the next screen you can then:

  • turn your subscription off (Cancel) and on (Renew now)
  • update your payment details
This way you adjust your Cinema 4D licensing and seats to your needs.

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