Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Redshift?

*VERY IMPORTANT FOR MAXON ONE, C4D + RedShift & RedShift add-on license CUSTOMERS*

After you purchase a MAXON ONE, C4D + RedShift, or RedShift add-on license, you will be sent
an email from "". This email will contain a link to set your RedShift
account password. Because after you purchase a MAXON ONE, C4D + RedShift, or RedShift add.
on license, a RedShift account is created for you. All that is left is setting the password.

The link expires after 24-hours. If you try to log in and download RedShift 24-hours after you are
sent this link, you will need to reset your password by clicking the "I've forgotten my login
details" link below the Register button.

If you already have an account and password, you can log in and skip to Step 4.

Also worth noting, ONLY the purchasing email has access, so if you are in an Organizational account, only the purchasing account can download.

If you do not have a RedShift account please go to and perform the following






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