How we support you on issues

Locations, workflows, reply times

We offer help on issues with our products, including installation and activation. We have product support offices located in our German headquarters, but also California and UK.

We are happy to help you on typical local business hours of local workdays. Our usual reply time is within 24h on business days. Sometimes it’s faster, a few times it may be slower if we have experience high workload. In any time zone, we try to help as fast and best we can. Sometimes we may hand over a ticket to the next office beyond timezones, usually not, so you have a good chance to stay in contact with one and the same support agent.
Our support agents have many years’ experience with our main product Cinema 4D and are trained on new features / products. Please follow their advice – in most cases they know good solutions and approaches right away. When we have to loop in experts from other departments, solutions can naturally take longer.

For issues with the shop (billing, checkout, payment etc.) please open contact our sales team – as this is the most direct way for help in these cases.

Contact channels

FAQs – Fast solutions

We have many solutions to common problems available in our Knowledgebase - here.

Tickets – best way

Usually the best way to solve a technical contact is a ticket. Ideally with screenshots and depending on the issue a scene file. The faster we have all required information, the sooner we can help you.
You can open tickets for technical issues - here

Phone – for paid products

In some cases, more interactive communication can make sense. For paid products you can also reach us via phone:
Customer Service
for Shop, invoices and subscription
(+49) 6172 5906 0

Cinema 4D product support
  • Europe: (+49) 6172 5906 44
  • US: (+1) 805 716-1313
  • German support: (+49) 6172 5906 42

Red Giant product support
located in Portland, US
(+1) 260 918 4505

The telephones are covered at our office locations during typical business hours on business days.
If you call us from far abroad, please check this page for the correct country prefix from your region:

Interactive solutions finding

In a few cases, understanding the problem can be faster when seeing the same sequences about an issue. Screen recordings help. Sometimes we also offer screenshare session – the agent will decide though if that helps. You are free to accept the offer of a screenshare session or proceed in a less interactive way. Also, often we can’t resolve an issue directly on a screenshare session, but it helps us to collect more information and come back with a solution.

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