How To Use The mx1 Tool

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The mx1 tool is shipped with the Maxon App installer on Mac and Windows. It's also included on Linux since Maxon App 2.0. The mx1 tool offers abilities such as logging in or out of an account, assigning or releasing a license via the the command line. 


The mx1 tool install location:

Mac: Library/Application Support/Maxon/Tools

Windows: C:\Program Files\Maxon\Tools

Linux: opt/maxon/maxon_app/bin


How to use mx1:


  1. Launch Terminal
  2. cd to the Maxon App Tools folder 

    cd /Library/Application\ Support/Maxon/Tools 

  3. Type ./mx1 then the command, e.g., ./mx1 user login -u -p 12345


  1. Open Command Prompt
  2. cd to the Maxon App Tools folder
    cd C:\Program Files\Maxon\Tools
  3. type mx1 then the command, e.g., mx1 license assign  


  1. Open Terminal
  2. cd to the bin folder
    cd /opt/maxon/maxon_app/bin
  3. type ./mx1 then the command, e.g., ./mx1 user logout


List of the commands:

what it does
user login -u user_email -p password Log into an account by entering the email and the account password *
user logout Log out of an account
user info Display the account user info.
user queryOptin It will return the optin status for analytics and trial communication consent
license list List the the licenses a user has
license assign license_name Assign a license to a machine **
license release license_name Release a license from a machine **
user refresh Refreshes the user account
service info Show the Maxon service info. 
service stop Stop the service
service start Start the service
service restart Restart the service
license trial query Show the Maxon One trial status
license trial start Start a Maxon One trial
product list Show the list of the installed products 
product info product_name Show the detailed info on a installed product ***
product activate product_name Activate a product's license
product deactivate product_name Deactivate a product's license
package download product_identifier -v version - p platform

Downloads an installer to the current directory. 

mx1 package download net.maxon.maxonapp-installer -p linux 
mx1 package download com.redgiant.trapcode-installer -v 17.1 -p macos
mx1 package download com.redshift3d.redshift-installer -p windows

We also support user-friendly name mappings:

trapcode = com.redgiant.trapcode-installer
magicbullet = com.redgiant.magicbullet-installer
vfx = com.redgiant.vfx-installer
pluraleyes= com.redgiant.pluraleyes-installer
universe = com.redgiant.universe-installer
cinema4d = net.maxon.cinema4d-installer
c4d = net.maxon.cinema4d-installer
cinema = net.maxon.cinema4d-installer
redshift = com.redshift3d.redshift-installer
rs = com.redshift3d.redshift-installer
zbrush = net.maxon.zbrush-installer
z = net.maxon.zbrush-installer


mx1 package download vfx 

mx1 package download c4d -v 26.013

--help How to use the mx1 tool

* 1, to hide the password, press Enter after entering the username. 2, mx1 login does not work for LDAP users. 3, If your password has special character on Mac (such as spaces or $), you will need to enclose it in quotes.

** use mx1 license list to get the license name

*** use mx1 product list to get the product name

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