Hardware Requirement Updates for Cinema 4D 2024, Redshift 3.5.18, and Beyond

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Why is Cinema 4D updating hardware requirements?

To ensure Cinema 4D and Redshift remain at the cutting edge of performance and capabilities, we're revising our system requirements. Starting with Cinema 4D version 2024.0.0 and Redshift version 3.5.18 we will require support for the AVX2 instruction set in your CPU.


What is AVX2?

AVX2, or Advanced Vector Extensions 2, is a CPU instruction set introduced with Intel's Haswell processors in 2013 and AMD's Excavator CPUs in 2015. It enables better performance and introduces new features, enhancing the power and speed of both Cinema 4D and Redshift.


Will this update affect me?

Most users are unlikely to be affected, as CPUs lacking AVX2 support are generally 8-10 years old. However, if you're using an older CPU, you won't be able to run Cinema 4D 2024 or Redshift 3.5.18 and newer.


How can I check if my CPU supports AVX2?

You can use the free tool CPU-Z to verify whether your CPU supports the AVX2 instruction set.


Which CPUs are now considered obsolete?

  • Intel Desktop CPUs released before the second quarter of 2013
  • Intel Server CPUs released before the second quarter of 2013 (starting with the Xeon-Haswell family)
  • AMD CPUs released before the second quarter of 2015 (starting with the Excavator family)


Why are these changes important?

Our aim is to strike a balance between supporting legacy technology and incorporating modern advancements. While we understand that this transition may pose challenges, it is crucial to ensure that Cinema 4D maintains optimal performance on contemporary systems.


Note: These changes apply to Cinema 4D 2024 and Redshift 3.5.18 and newer. Redshift 3.5.17 and Cinema 4D 2023 and earlier are not affected.

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