Trapcode 2023.4.0 - July 19, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated

New Features and Enhancements


  • Built-in Ground Plane for Bounce Physics: An additional bounce surface built directly into Particular with its own height and rotation controls.
  • Child Inheritance Upgrades: Options have been added for child systems to inherit particle types, sizes, and opacity values from parent emitters at their time of birth.
  • Gradient Interpolation Models: Three new gradient interpolation models have been added.
  • Curve Mirror Mode: When enabled, this mirrors all changes to the curve across the horizontal axis.
  • AE Color Picker in Designer: Instead of calling up the OS color picker, we now call up the AE color picker in the Designer for a more consistent experience.

3D Stroke & Sound Keys:

  • UI Updates: The UI updates previously implemented in Particular have made their way into 3D Stroke and Sound Keys

Bug fixes

  • TC-7696: Improved migration from older Particular projects.
  • TC-9001, TC-9002, TC-99006: Fixed multiple issues related to curve tool UI

Known Issues

  • TC-9156: Bounce Ground Plane overlay gets distorted with close camera angles.
  • TC-9145: Systems set to Default Sprite in the Designer sometimes select a different sprite layer in the comp
  • TC-9173: Secondary system emitters sometimes change to Text/Mask when exiting the Designer
  • Applying or resetting an instance of Particular is slow
    • Note: This is being addressed in partnership with Adobe; a potential workaround is to save an Animation Preset of a default instance of Particular and use that to apply or reset the effect.

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