How do I change the default renderer in Cinema 4D?

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As of Cinema 4D 2024, the default renderer is set to Redshift. For Cinema 4D 2023 and older, the default renderer is set to Standard.

Depending on your needs and which renderer you use the most, you might want to change the default renderer.


Here’s how to set your default renderer so that each time you open Cinema 4D or a new scene, it uses your preferred renderer:

  1. Open a New Blank Cinema 4D File:

  2. Open Render Settings:

    • Press CMD+B (Mac) or Ctrl+B (Windows) to open the Render Settings.
    • Change the renderer to your preferred choice.
      Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 11.10.39.png
  3. Save as Default Scene:

    • Go to Window > Customization > Save as Default Scene.

This method also allows you to set up a start file with other preferred options such as project or render settings.


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