Trapcode 2024.0.0 - September 13, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated

New Features and Enhancements


  • Combustion: Added thermal dynamics to the Fluids system.
  • Stroke from Parent: A new Emitter Type for secondary systems that instantly creates smooth, seamless trails.

Bug fixes

  • TC-9173: Particular: Fixed an issue where the secondary system emitter would sometimes change to Text/Mask when exiting the Designer
  • TC-9272: Particular: Fixed an issue where deleting a curve point on a child system would delete the entire block.
  • TC-9125: Sound Keys: Fixed Color Maps between HCL and LAB gradient models.

Known Issues

  • TC-9156: Particular: Bounce Ground Plane overlay gets distorted with close camera angles.
  • TC-9340: Particular: AE crashes when clicking the Create Null button for systems running in Japanese
  • TC-9263: Particular: Glitches when Stroke from Parent is set to 'Over Life' blend mode.
  • TC-9176: Particular: Systems set to default sprite in the Designer will sometimes select a different sprite layer in the comp.
  • TC-8897: 3D Stroke is unable to delete graph points in Premiere Pro.

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