Redshift 3.5.18 (2023.09) & 3.5.19 (2023.09)- September 13, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y
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Redshift 3.5.19

  • [Houdini] Added support for Houdini 19.5.716 and dropped support for 19.5.605
  • [Hydra] Added support for Solaris 19.5.716 and dropped support for 19.5.605
  • [All] Fixed corruption and crash bugs that could occur when rendering scenes with photons, IPC and SSS

Redshift 3.5.18

Note the fixes listed below are included in 3.5.19 as well. This version was solely released within C4D and is not available for download via the Maxon App.

  • [Maya] Fixed support for Maya 2024/macOS on Apple Silicon hardware

  • [Max] Added support for global optical camera parameters

  • [Max] Fixed incorrect tone mapping defaults in optical camera parameters

  • [C4D] Added localization for Japanese and Simplified Chinese (in all supported versions of C4D)

  • [C4D] Fixed bug that would cause procedural projections to get lost after rendering shaderballs

  • [C4D] Added experimental support for automatically converting cloners with instances/multi-instances of meshes or proxies to point-clouds, improving performance and interactivity for scenes with a large number of clones

  • [C4D] Changed the default export units; new scenes will now default to centimeters and the Legacy Units option will be disabled

  • [C4D] Addressed issue that prevented the batch conversion of C4D Standard materials to Redshift materials

  • [C4D] Addressed issue where switching between Basic and Advanced render options would trigger an IPR restart

  • [C4D] Addressed issue where a camera-map procedural projection would produce incorrect results if the linked camera had a film offset

  • [C4D] Addressed a crash when extracting Pyro volumes with a very large number of voxels

  • [C4D] Addressed a rare deadlock when opening a scene with proxies with their geometry previews enabled

  • [Houdini] Added support for Houdini 19.5.682 and dropped support for 19.5.569

  • [Houdini] Added support for the resolution override options while batch rendering using

  • [Houdini] Added support for rendering Packed Alembic primitives as Redshift Alembic procedurals

  • [Houdini] New option in the RS ROP node to configure the Alembic procedural working mode (Alembic SOP or Packed Alembics)

  • [Houdini] Support of the "time" and "fps" primitive attributes to configure the RS Alembic procedural time and fps parameters

  • [Houdini] Addressed the default light position updating in scenes with animated cameras

  • [Houdini] Fixed a problem in the RenderView color picker

  • [Hydra] Added support for Solaris 19.5.682 and dropped support for 19.5.569

  • [Hydra] Added support for assets picking in the Solaris viewport

  • [Hydra] Added support for color temperature as a multiplier to the textured lights

  • [Hydra] Added new params to the RS SunSky light to override some of the sky environment settings

  • [Hydra] Addressed the default value of the optical camera saturation parameters

  • [Hydra] Fixed several issues in the Scene Import LOP scripts affecting the RS lights

  • [Hydra] Fixed a problem in the camera map node while using a projection camera

  • [Katana] Added support for light instancing using instance sources or instance arrays

  • [Katana] New option in the RedshiftObjectSettings node to configure the light instances shader type

  • [Katana] Added support for lights instancing "light_color", "light_temperature" and "light_intensity" arbitrary attributes

  • [Blender] Fixed RS Ramp node update changes issue in IPR mode

  • [Blender] Added support for User Data Attributes

  • [Blender] Added basic support for Jitter node (only 'ObjectID' mode is working for now)

  • [Alembic Procedural] Fixed a crash if the abc file is not ready for reading

  • [Alembic Procedural] Added support for the replacement of the alembic assets local transformations

  • [All] Added system requirement for CPU with AVX2 support

  • [All] Updated version of Intel Embree to 4.1.0

  • [All] Added support for nested projection nodes; existing scenes can look different if multiple projection nodes were used in the same material

  • [All] Distorter shader: Added support for world and object space distortion; existing scenes can look different, if distorter input was in world or object space

  • [All] Extended MatCap shader with scale, rotation and coordinate space parameters

  • [All] Fixed bug introduced in version 3.5.16 that would prevent proxies from being compatible between Linux/MacOS and Windows platforms

  • [All] Fixed brick shader not using the alternative color on Vega GPUs

  • [All] Fixed OSL bug that could cause a compile error when using the trace() function

  • [All] Fixed old bug that could cause instanced point cloud sphere primitives to have incorrect normals

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