ZBrush 2024 Release Notes

Scott Clark
Scott Clark
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ZBrush 2024 is a [subscriber-only] release scheduled for launch November 16th 2024. 

  • The Anchors  Brush receives an update. Masking the surface is no longer a requirement to use the brush. The Anchors Brush works to provide a robust way to pose and manipulate ZBrush assets. The Anchors Brush works by applying anchors onto meshes while facilitating Inflate, Twist, Move and Rotate actions.

  • Split to Parts expands Knife Brush capabilities to allow for increased control over asset manipulation. Create complex component parts from existing parts while keeping sliced parts active.

  • Gizmo/Transpose Masking receives an update. Improvements include topology masking with both tools. The Gizmo/Transpose Line is capable of snapping along the perfect masked area. Gizmo snaps to center of the masking region.  

  • Cinema 4D noises have been added to ZBrush Surface Noise library. 

  • Repeat to Similar repeats changes on a mesh with the same polygon count as the source mesh being edited. Functionality includes ability to make: Sculpting changesFull mesh replacementMaskingPolygrouping 

  • Grow All Mask and Shrink All Mask capabilities have been added allowing for expanded design potential while creating masks.

  • A new stroke option called DragStamp is included. Provides control of the intensity associated with an alpha being dragged onto the surface by moving the cursor back and forth. 

  • Two new buttons for creasing join the fold. Crease UnMasked and Uncrease Unmasked. This functionality allows greater manipulation and control over areas of an asset where creases and edges occur.

  • Insert Mesh Brushes are compatible with Stroke menu options 


    Release Notes / Bugfixes:


    • Split to Parts button added to Brush> Clip Brush Modifiers. 

    • Transpose Classic brush added to the Brush palette. 

    • Cinema 4D noises added to ZBrush Surface Noise library. 

    • Repeat to Similar Parts menu added to the Subtool palette. 

    • Grow All added to Masking palette. 

    • Shrink All added to Masking palette. 

    • DragStamp stroke was added to the available stroke types. 

    • Crease Unmasked added to Geometry> Crease. 

    • UnCrease UnMasked added to Geometry> Crease. 


    • Contact Point tracks have been removed from Timeline feature. Contact Point functionality has changed and no longer works with the Timeline.

    • IMM brushes will now work with all available stroke types instead of only the DragRect stroke type.

    • Anchor Brush functionality has been improved.

    • The Transpose brush functionality in Smart Masking mode has changed. The Legacy behavior was added to the brush palette as the Transpose Classic brush.


    • Mask by Smoothness is functioning again. 

    • When opening a file saving dialog it could disappear behind the main program window causing the program UI to become unresponsive. This should no longer happen. 

    • Corrected a scenario in which ZRemesher may return the results of a previously cached mesh. 

    • If a tool with multiple subtools had a stored Contact Point, navigating the Timeline with the arrow keys would cause unexpected behavior. 

    • Corrected an issue with the ZAppLink plugin and the most recent version of Photoshop. 

    • Fixed a conflict between the Proxy Pose Polish slider and the Panel Loops Polish slider when assigned to a custom UI. 

    • Corrected an issue causing the Alpha> Make 3D feature to crash or produce off-center results when Mesh Smooth was set to zero. 

    • Corrected an issue with HD Geometry on macOS which would prevent users from being able recover HD Geo after re-loading a file. 

    • The Shift key can again be used to constrain the movement of an active Spotlight.

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