Redshift 3.5.21 (2023.10) - October 31, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y
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NOTE: This is an urgent patch build to specifically address 2 long standing bugs in the macoS/Metal backend of Redshift.

We have also included additional fixes and support for the latest Houdini/Solaris production builds.

  • [C4D] Fixed bug introduced in 3.5.20 that could cause the "Something has gone wrong with shader ref counting!" rendering scenes with Tri-Planar nodes
  • [Max] Render View and Feedback Display are automatically disabled when 3ds Max runs in Network Render Server mode
  • [Max] Fixed issue where camera exported in a Redshift Proxy had incorrect color management settings
  • [Max] Fixed issue where Physical Sky shader does not update sun position during IPR
  • [Max] Fixed issue where Light Group names were not collected from XRef objects
  • [Max] Fixed issue where Export Connectivity Data setting was silently enabled during proxy export, resulting in large files
  • [Houdini] Added support for Houdini 19.5.773 and dropped support for 19.5.682
  • [Hydra] Added support for Solaris 19.5.773 and dropped support for 19.5.682
  • [macOS/Metal] Fixed parameter binding issue that could result in frame corruption/dark buckets/undefined behavior
  • [macOS/Metal] Fixed a bug with async kernel compilation that could result in frame corruption
  • [CPU] Fixed a bug that could cause excessive CPU usage for 1 specific core and result in sluggish behavior in other CPU intensive applications

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