Redshift 3.5.22 (2023.12) - December 11, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y
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IMPORTANT: To support the new Substance node in Cinema 4D 2024 the minimum required version of the 2024 plugin has been increased to 2024.2

  • [C4D] Added support for Substances in Nodes materials with a new Substance node in C4D 2024.2. Substances can be added via drag-and-drop in the material manager or in the Nodes editor.
  • [C4D] Improved the scene extraction and material update performance.
  • [C4D] Fixed bug where a material with procedural projections did not render correctly with RT
  • [C4D] Fixed bug where changing Post-Effect parameters in the native RS Camera would trigger IPR refreshes
  • [C4D] Fixed bug where changing the viewport used during Viewport IPR, would lead to inconsistent Post-Effect settings being applied
  • [C4D] Fixed bug where the Viewport IPR would refresh constantly in certain scenes with procedural splines, tracers, or the symmetry object
  • [Max] Fixed bug in 3ds Max Color Correction shader that produced incorrect saturation adjustments
  • [Max] Added new render option: System > Legacy > 3ds Max Color Correction Saturation Behavior
  • [Max] Added support for RS Color Correct shader
  • [Houdini] Added support for Houdini 19.5.773, 19.5.805 and 20.0.506 and dropped support for 17.5.460, 19.5.682 and 19.716
  • [Houdini] Added support for UV maps with two components only
  • [Houdini] Addressed the IPR updating of the default headlight position after any camera transformation
  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could cause a cameras flickering problem in the RenderView while working in the "Any Camera Viewport" update mode
  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could cause Warning messages while instancing OpenVDB files using the instancefile workflow
  • [Houdini] Improved IPR fps performance when the "Export View Continuously" option is enabled
  • [Houdini] Improved GUI and IPR performance in the HDA and subnets exposed material parameters
  • [Houdini] Improved Viewport IPR GUI
  • [Hydra] Added support for Solaris 19.5.773, 19.5.805 and 20.0.506 and dropped support for 19.5.682 and 19.5.716
  • [Hydra] Added support for the REDSHIFT_ENABLE_SOLARIS_PICKING env. variable to disable the viewport picking feature
  • [Hydra] Trace depth options exposed in the Solaris viewport settings
  • [Hydra] Addressed the missing options in the AOVs secondary ray visibility parameter
  • [Hydra] Addressed a problem with several render settings, like BlockSize or SubsurfaceScatteringRate
  • [Hydra] Addressed a problem in the Solaris Edit Material LOP while importing RS OSL nodes
  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could cause a problem in the instances velocity motion blur if multiple prototypes are selected
  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could cause a problem with the "Affected By Refraction" light param default value
  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could cause black viewport render in Solaris 20.0
  • [Hydra] Fixed bug in the Solaris 20.0 default light intensity
  • [USD Procedural] Added support for USD 23.08
  • [Katana] Added support for Katana 7.0v1 and dropped support for Katana 4.0
  • [Katana] Added support for instance arrays pointing to "instance" type locations
  • [Katana] Added support for "usd point instancer" locations
  • [Katana] Fixed bug that could cause a problem with the RT renderer in live mode
  • [HIP] Fixed a bug where the curvature node would produce incorrect results on HIP devices
  • [HIP] Fixed a bug where subsurface scattering would produce incorrect brightness on HIP devices
  • [CPU] Fixed a bug causing mouse lag using multiple instances of Maya
  • [CPU] Fixed a bug where Cinema 4D UI was blocking when running Maya 2024
  • [CPU] Fixed a bug causing 100% CPU usage on the main thread
  • [RT] Added DLSS and exposed several performance options
  • [RT] Added preview rendering, decreases RT startup time by rendering with simpler materials while shaders are compiled
  • [RT] Added texture compression and streaming, allowing RT to render VRAM heavy scenes
  • [All] Added RT-specific render settings UI to all DCC plugins
  • [All] Fixed a bug that would cause a horizontal artifact in volumes when volume trace depth is greater than 1
  • [All] Fixed a bug that would cause banding in refraction with a ramp on refraction color
  • [All] Fixed a bug where using hardware accelerated ray-tracing caused different tessellation results when using camera space rendering
  • [All] Fixed a recently introduced material pre-processing inefficiency, which would hamper scenes with many like materials
  • [All] Fixed a bug where sphere meshes with a diffuse material would show artifacts when used in combination with area lights
  • [All] Fixed a bug where using brick shader caused artifacts in Irradiance Cache mode

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