Universe 2024.0.0 - September 13, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated

New Features and Enhancements

  • Added Chinese & Japanese language support.*
  • Added over 50+ new presets.

Bug fixes

  • UP-8239: Fixed an issue where Universe Line causes tracking to always be -100
  • UP-8129: Fixed an issue where the Preview would be broken with Multi-Context GPUs
  • UP-8125: FXPlug no longer crashes on render.
  • UP-8112: Plugins that use lights or cameras no longer crash on application.
  • UP-8081: Logo Motion: Fixed values for Start/Idle/End in Resolve
  • UP-8079, UP-8078: Symbol Mapper: Fixed various render issues.
  • UP-8074: Retrograde Transition: Fixed Light Leak and Background only being visible at 100
  • UP-8073: Color Stripe: Fixed an issue where the clips would reverse along with the colors when Reverse was toggled.
  • UP-8072: Fixed an issue where Carousel and Overlights flicker effect wouldn't work.
  • UP-8071: Flicker Cut: Fixed an issue where Nose would reduce Opacity
  • UP-8070: Flicker Cut: Fixed an issue where Fade Clips would cause black screens.
  • UP-8063: Fixed an issue where Uni Presets weren't loading.
  • UP-8069: Carousel: Fixed an issue where Light Leak wouldn't have an effect on Macs.
  • UP-8068: AV Club: Fixed an issue where Jitter wouldn't render.

Known Issues

  • *Due to host limitations, Chinese & Japanese support has not yet been added to Magix or Avid.
  • UP-8221: Due to host limitations, some Effect Control parameters may have been truncated when working in Japanese or Chinese translations; we're working to remedy this problem moving forward.
  • UP-8124: Axion shaders have compatibility issues with multiple GPUs
  • UP-8128: AMD crashes Resolve when working with multiple GPUs.
  • UP-8113: Analog crashes when working with multiple GPUs.
  • UP-8110: Chromatic Aberration Lens Texture does not render when working with multiple GPUs.
  • UP-8108: AMD Preview & Render crash when working with multiple GPUs.
  • UP-8066: Text Tile: Crashes when working with M1 and scrolling.
  • UP-8065: Hacker Text: Fails to complete transitions with M1 Macs.

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